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The Hidden Danger of Covered prams

I am really concerned when I see parents walking along the street with the pram covered with a sheet, blanket or bunny rug.  I know the parent  is only trying to protect the baby from  skin cancers and melanomas  from too much sun exposure.  In Australia we have the  public campaign of the ‘slip, slop, slap’  routine – slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat.

Unfortunately  whilst I understand the parent’s worry, there is also a danger in this ‘cover up.” In our grandparents it was normal for  a naked  baby to be put out in the sun for a few minutes a day for a sun bath – not in direct sunlight mind you but in the fresh air.

Now because children and babies are not exposed to the sun,  for the first time in many, many years we are seeing a rise in  rickets which is a disease created through the lack of vitamin D which you naturally get through sunlight. Consequently there is an expanding business in the sale of Vitamin D3

However rickets really is not my main concern. My concern is that  the child has his or her world restricted and only sees whatever is on the inside of the blanket. Its a tiny little world with no fresh air.  It is a world where  the child cannot relate nor react nor learn about the world around it nor learn about the natural elements of a cooling breeze, wind, rain,  sun, cold nor heat.

How many kids these days get to  run outside and  taste the rain – getting soaking wet but loving every minute of it! Then into  a hot bath afterwards – bliss!

A child learns and incorporates its  6 basic human rights in its first 2 years – it also learns to spell ( yes, you read that correctly!) in its first year. So if it is protected from the world and shut inside a pram how does it learn  to understand the environment around it -it has no interaction with people or cars, or noise, or lights or a how parents interact with strangers, what attitudes they have, what the shops, parks , paths,  trees, bushes, lights are like.

A baby learns by experiencing the environment from the safety of the pram and in the company of its parent. It is protected and so can look at everything and everywhere and thus stimulate its senses, its brain, its understanding. It also matures emotionally in relation to the world  while safe with its parent.

When a baby looks left to right , up and down watching people it is not only learning what peole look like, the different races and colours, the different shapes and sizes, the clothes and colours people wear it is stimulating the hemispheres of the brain so that they are better integrated. If all the baby sees is the inside of the blanket there is no visual stimulation and no environmental awareness being developed at a natural level.

Boys have a greater ‘separation’ between hemispheres of the brain than do girls and they are prone to more learning difficulties so to take away one of the main stimulants to brain integration cannot be a good thing.

Do you remember when you used to think that the clouds looked like an elephant, or Uncle Bob’s nose, or a shoe -and to look at the stars was wonderful –  this was stimulating the imagination and developing the child’s sense of space, distance and perspective.

It used to be that the baby  slept on a walk  because of the stimulation it received from the world and it was tired, Now it is sleeping because it has no fresh air and is bored with nothing to look at!

Children are capable of far more understanding than we tend to give them credit for. They learn  by participating in life – especially as a new born baby.

Who or what creates your world?

Did you know that  your subconscious mind has already made a decision before you even know about it? Then your conscious mind justifies the decision that has already been made by your subconscious.

So when you ‘feel’  something is right or wrong  that feeling is your subconscious mind which has already decided  on the issue; then  your conscious mind steps in and creates meaning about that decision.

Say for instance: you instinctively ‘feel ‘you should not walk along a certain street, the feeling lets you know that your subconscious mind which sees, hears and feels at a far deeper level than our conscious mind, has already decided it is not safe for you for whatever reason. Then your conscious mind will look around and justify it by saying’ it is too dark’, too lonely,’ ‘too busy’, ‘too long’,’ too something’ so that it can  justify what has already been decided.

That is why it is so important that you understand clearly what is in your subconscious mind – after all , it is creating your world as you know it.

Where the subconscious mind meets the body

There is a ‘meeting’ point in the body where the subconscious mind sits and that is  at the solar plexus.

So that when you say that ‘you listen to your gut,’ or your ‘gut instinct’ tells you something then you are actually touching the point where your subconscious mind and your body connect.

So you are indeed in contact with your truth  held in your subconscious mind and it is your subconsious mind that rules your world.

Why we ask you to drop into your heart when meditating

Often you will hear meditators say they ‘drop into their heart’ as they start to meditate.

This can give them a better sense of contact with their own wisdom and inner knowing, it can calm them down as they are listening internally rather than being aware of external noises.

However most importantly of all  it is now scientifically proven that this very  action will increase your  immune system for up to 8 hours ( no matter how short a time you meditate). and secondly it will increase your ability to draw things to you -i.e. it increases your magnetism!!

The tapas truck and brain cells

The tapas truck came to Melbourne’s Little Italy and I could not resist trying their Spanish Olive oil cake  – Yummy!!

Did you know that unless you speak to 7 different people per day that your physical body may become ill? 7 appears to be the optimal number because with meeting 7 people you have different conversations and therefore have to think. Any less than this and you could easily just talk  to family members without the stimulation of speaking with strangers or friends.

Women particularly need to speak with 7 different people each day as we process our emotions through speaking whereas a man processes his emotions through silence.

So next time a vendor is in your area – give it a go, have a chat with the vendor and the people waiting in the queue and you never know when or where your picture might be taken while you enhance your brain cells!!

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