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Inspirational Story of Janie Lancaster

Margaret Stuart's Mango Tiger Radio Show | Janie Lancaster

The Secrets of Writing

Janie suffered incredible abuse from her mother as she was growing up and felt that a part of her brain was in a coma until about 8 years ago when she had a right brain awaking and started writing.

As her brain rewired, so she discovered she has a gift for writing autobiographical fiction and poetry. Her story is not only one of survival, it is a story of a huge talent that would not remain silent.

Janie is the author of

  • Julie & The Lost Fairy Tale
  • Julie & The Lost Fairy Tale—Teacher’s Edition
  • Emily: Out of My Mother’s Darkness
  • When Silence Reigns: Help Yourself through Expressive/Therapeutic Writing
  • Helping Teens and Tweens through Expressive/Therapeutic Writing
  • Edwina Beena’s Polka Dot Day (also in Spanish and Japanese)