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Professional Speaker

Margaret Cutler is  the most engaging and professional trainer, public speaker and facilitator. Whether she is speaking about “The Awesome Power of Your subconscious MInd”,  running her amazing Subconscious Transformation workshop, helping people to learn about their own behaviour or facilitating  her Leadership program with CEO’s, the end result is always the same. It is amazing to watch participants have their “a-ha” moments over and over when in Margaret’s sessions.

Margaret is an energetic and entertaining speaker who livens up any special event. She inspires people on many different levels by drawing upon 36 years of experience as a insightful counsellor and consultant offering her profound insight to help others. Margaret is down to earth and her sessions are always interactive, insightful and fun – she makes learning a delight.

Keynote speaking, dinner speaking or group training, you name it and she can do it with professional finesse.

1) The Awesome Power of your Subconscious Mind – Reprogram your life! (Keynote presentation and/or workshop)

From the time we are born we are actively programming our subconscious mind without us being aware of it. The conscious mind which has the power of reason takes over, interprets those programs and decides the best action to take.

In this presentation:

* You will learn how your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotional  conditioning is destroying aspects of your life without you realising it;

* You will learn easy steps you can take to de- programme those patterns and responses;

*You will discover the truth about your life purpose and how to know if something is in alignment with your life purpose;

*You will discover the 4 key questions to ask yourself that will totally transform your life forever;

* You will discover how your ancestors are influencing you  even from generations ago;

*You will lean how past life theories may well hold the key to curing some of the most debilitating behaviours that modern psychology has been ineffective for;

* You will learn the truth about men and women’s brains – why men need silence and women need to talk!!

Plus, plus, plus  – this is an interactive, dynamic and magical presentation!

2)  Awesome Leadership Workshop for Managers and CEO’s

This is an interactive workshop with a difference. It is not for the faint hearted so be prepared to learn not only about your staff and how they react to you;  you will learn about you and  gain immediate insight into your managing style and what you need to change to be an effective and dynamic leader!  Margaret has  taught this highly acclaimed workshop throughout the world including her presentation of it to the 98 CEO’s of the World Netball Championships in Singapore –  you will learn all the skills you need to be a great leader!


 3) Unlock your Hidden Potential

Liberate your life by understanding how your thoughts, beliefs and emotional states in your subconscious mind either enhance or suppress your destiny. Discover creative talents you thought you never had and learn ways to unlock your hidden potential by using the power of your subconscious mind.

4) The spooky and bizarre world  – what is really going on?

Share the bizarre and thought provoking experiences that Margaret considers normal in her every day life.. This entertaining and fascinating talk looks at the world through the eyes of a  clairvoyant and clairaudient who has X-ray vision of the body.


1) ‘After several speakers had shared their story of success at the Angel Noel night it was Margaret Cutler’s turn to speak. The audience, motivated from the previous speakers, sat with pens poised ready to record the secrets to Margaret’s success. As soon as Margaret started to speak you could feel atmosphere in the room shift as the audience collectively recognized the amazing wisdom within this lady.’ Jodie Cole
 Manager, Angels Speaking
Chairperson of Angel Noel, Melbourne

2) ‘Margaret’s relaxed manner had everyone present relating to her and feeling like they’d known her for years. Rather than spending most of her time recounting her success she focused on helping the audience, providing insightful anecdotes and exercises that ultimately help you to find your own success.’  DPI QLD -International Women’s Day Keynote Speaker

3) “Margaret is a truly inspiring presenter who has a gift at reaching every individual in the audience. Everyone felt empowered after Margaret’s speech and many started putting Margaret’s exercises into practice as soon as she left the stage.”Mates Helping Mates’ Keynote Presenter Riverina Conference 

4) “The extraordinary wisdom Margaret imparts with the audience has every member eagerly awaiting her every word. Her effortless presentation manner evokes the purest of attention and leaves everyone wanting more. Margaret is a dynamic and refreshing speaker who I highly recommend. Margaret Stuart is a captivating inspirational speaker.”

5)”During the Angel Noel event, Margaret held the audience’s attention with each insightful story she told and each line she delivered whilst on the podium.  Margaret has the wonderful gift of animating her talk, which then reaches out to the audience’s heart, and enthralls their mind to listen more.  Her passion, dedication and obvious joy in her work shines through as she speaks from her heart to yours.Thank you Margaret, for your time, generosity and commitment to the success of Angel Noel.”
Jodie Cole
 Manager, Angels Speaking
Chairperson of Angel Noel