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Free to Be Healthy – latest book by Margaret

Are you wanting to release your disease and experience the perfect and radiant health that you deserve? Experience the Awesome Power of Subconscious Healing to achieve the health you want, now!

Why is that some people who drink and smoke live long lives while others who appear to be living healthy lives die young?

Free to Be Healthy | Margaret Stuart's Mango Tiger

Free to Be Healthy
 is your toolbox to enable you to bridge the gap to a truly healthy life. Using the power of subconscious reprogramming  and your ability to restructure your thinking it gives you specific techniques, exercises, and case studies to help you to recognize and release your personal blockages to your health.  Free to Be Healthy gives you the insights into how to unchain your emotions and change your life for the better … forever!

Imagine for a moment if you could access the hidden depths of your subconscious mind and reprogram it from one of a saboteur to that of  protector! Imagine if you could then use this protector to remove all the unwanted and restricting beliefs of your past (and even beyond your past) that are both limiting your life now, and creating the diseases and ill-health that are appearing in your life.

How would you feel? Waking up every morning knowing that you are living life to its fullest potential, knowing that your body is operating in its optimal state?

This truly is possible if you can take control of your subconscious mind!

“Margaret’s understanding of the human mind and its healing powers is truly awesome.” Melina Ramirez (World Champion West Coast Swing Dance)

If you can imagine a person that is living an optimal life, how do you picture them? Are they vibrantly colourful, with joy and health radiating from them? That can be you!

Margaret’s new book “Free to Be Healthy” teaches you how to experience that life for yourself, from the moment you pick it up!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why your mind cannot tell the truth no matter what you think
  • How your mind protects you by giving you an illness
  • How breaking your arm or leg gives you power
  • How nicknames can give you crooked hands
  • How a great dad can make your palms sweat
  • Plus much more

You will also learn:

  • A powerful exercise you can use to cure the common cold
  • Techniques to access the hidden beliefs that are harming you without your knowing it
  • Exercises to release harmful emotions that can cripple your body
  • The underlying energetic, emotional, and mental causes of pain & illness
  • How to recognize and overcome ingrained thought patterns that may be causing your ill health or disease
  • How your values affect your health

Margaret has condensed over 35 years of working with clients, just like you, into one book that not only talks about how and why the subconscious mind is responsible for creating  your health,  it also gives you specific techniques that you can use to start living the life you want!

Customer Reviews

“We are meant to have a healthy mind and a healthy body” Margaret Cutler Stuart writes early on in Free to Be Healthy, and the exercises and instructions that make up a good deal of the rest of the book proceed from that simple statement.

Indeed, Cutler- Stuart’s effective (and infectiously enthusiastic) program takes the reader on a trip to freedom–freedom from pain, from financial worry, from illness–that is not fought for but rather allowed. Basing her work on the psychology of self-awareness and supplemented by the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, which employ acupressure or meridian (energy channel) points on the body, Margaret shows the reader, through example, instruction, and case studies, that it is possible to achieve peace of mind, success in one’s endeavors, and a happier experience of life without struggle and without tricks. And it works!

If you are ready to let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have somehow quietly come to rule your life, this book is for you. I’ve not encountered another like it.  Ted Gilley

I found this to be the most amazing book for improving your life as a whole. The exercises and information were fantastic! Margaret’s book gives you the tools you need to easily and completely free yourself to succeed in your life and health without the limiting emotions and baggage from the past. I’ve had amazing results from this book and know the people I’ve recommended this to have made profound improvements in their life as well. This book is a definite must for everyone!!  Greg 

$19.97 can be purchased by emailing info@mangotiger.com.au