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I want to thank you for your help the other day re my breast pain. I have the ecstatic pleasure of telling you that with your help I have dissolved the walnut sized breast tumour (carried for 2 years) in the last 3 days. It was the size of a big walnut and now it is gone. Yesterday it was the size of a blueberry and today its actually gone!! I’ve made big shifts lately and embodying the process you showed me and feeling it rather than just thinking about it has HELPED me immensely. Thank you again. Rochelle


I thank you again for the strength you gifted me. I continue to thank you everyday and I am becoming stronger and stronger with your help. Nad


After working with Margaret the blood clot in my left calf was visibly reduced in 2 days and completely disappeared by day three. My experience with previous blood clot was many months of drugs with their unpleasant side affects.
I attribute its disappearance solely to my work with Margaret.
Peter Meyer 


Your understanding of the subconscious mind is truly awe inspiring.

———————————————————————————————————-Thanks for yesterday’s consultation. It was fantastic. I am still in shock about …you being able to identify …the 14’s. Everything in my life has revolved around that number and now I know why. You are amazing.
Xxx B

———————————————————————————————————-“I am so grateful to have found Margaret and had the opportunity to work with her. She has had a profound impact on my health, mindset and life.  I had had Psoriasis for over 26 years and had tried everything, diet, natural remedies, Chinese Medicine, Naturopaths Homeopaths etc. and in the very early days cortisone treatments. When I went to see Margaret I was having a severe outbreak of psoriasis (knees, lower legs  elbows and various spots on my body) it was sore, red, itchy, very unsightly and depressing.

I didn’t really know what to expect and wasn’t expecting it to work. I went on the recommendation of a friend. I told Margaret that I wanted my skin to be clear for a holiday in Fiji in three months time, and it was. I went to see her in June and on the 17th of September I boarded the plane to Fiji with clear skin.

Remarkable results in three sessions. I had some small amount of shadowing on my legs which was not noticeable.
 Not only has Margaret helped me heal my skin I am now working with her to help me with chronic Psoriatic Arthritis and I am getting great results.
The results I have experienced go beyond the clearing of my skin, I am calmer, feel more connected to myself and life and feel happier.


Margaret, thank you doesn’t express how truly grateful I am.” Anna


“Many years ago, you saved my life when i was despairing after having suffered Ross River Fever and having ‘no place to turn to’ to get answers to be free of it. You not only helped me get rid of the Ross River Fever and all its symptoms you also gave me so much inspiration in all aspects of my being. Lately you have enabled me to rejuvenate, revitalize … all over again. So I am grateful all over again!”
Carol West 


“Margaret Stuart put me on the map. I had questions and Margaret had answers. Margaret took me from facing a complete dead end to moving forward easily, she helped me really lock in what my own specialty is and then showed me how to apply it in the marketplace. I recommend Margaret Cutler to anyone looking for the way forward – she is incredible.”
Rebecca Ryan
Founder and CEO of Living Dreams


“Margaret – thank you for changing my world this week.You are amazing!”
Paula Drayton 

When I stand still for long periods, I get a ‘sciatic’ type pain down my right leg. It’s like warm water running down the back of the leg, along with severe cramps and pain in both calves. I haven’t had any symptoms since working with you to release thoughts and emotions at Sunday’s workshop – And I have to say, being pain free is fantastic!
Ben Longdon ITC Productions

I’m still pain free  – (from the sciatic pain Ben had been suffering for years before I asked him to let go of some emotions and thoughts that he was holding in his back)
Ben Longdon, Longdon ITC Productions


 Margaret Stuart is a very impressive woman. De Backman-Hoyle


 Mum is just fabulous now and all thanks to you. We toasted your good health on Christmas day to get her to where she is now, she became so reliant on you during that time, you obviously came into her life at the right time, thank you again for everything you have done for her. (in overcoming debilitating vertigo suffered for 2 years – I worked with her to two hours)V.C. of Melbourne 

——————————————————————————————————–You have no idea how much you have helped me through your healing power and incredible intuitive ability – I have learnt to laugh again.


Thank you for changing my attitude to my whole life. Ellen 


I feel more at peace with deciding to leave speech pathology and to study naturopathy. 


 I am pleased and proud to show your wonderful educational books to my viewers. Bill Collins TV’s Mr Movies


Speaking Engagements

1) ‘After several speakers had shared their story of success at the Angel Noel night it was Margaret Cutler’s turn to speak. The audience, motivated from the previous speakers, sat with pens poised ready to record the secrets to Margaret’s success. As soon as Margaret started to speak you could feel atmosphere in the room shift as the audience collectively recognized the amazing wisdom within this lady.’Jodie Cole
 Manager, Angels Speaking
Chairperson of Angel Noel, Melbourne

2) ‘Her relaxed manner had everyone present relating to her and feeling like they’d known her for years. Rather than spending most of her time recounting her success she focused on helping the audience, providing insightful anecdotes and exercises that ultimately help you to find your own success.’ DPI QLD -International Women’s Day Keynote Speaker

3) “Margaret is a truly inspiring presenter who has a gift at reaching every individual in the audience. Everyone felt empowered after Margaret’s speech and many started putting Margaret’s exercise into practice as soon as she left the stage.””Mates Helping Mates’ Keynote Presenter Riverina Conference 

4) “The extraordinary wisdom Margaret imparts with the audience has every member eagerly awaiting her every word. Her effortless presentation manner evokes the purest of attention and leaves everyone wanting more. Margaret is a dynamic and refreshing speaker who I highly recommend. Margaret Cutler is a captivating inspirational speaker.”Inspiration Gateway presentation 

5)”During the Angel Noel event, Margaret held the audience’s attention with each insightful story she told and each line she delivered whilst on the podium.  Margaret has the wonderful gift of animating her talk, which then reaches out to the audience’s heart, and enthrals their mind to listen more.  Her passion, dedication and obvious joy in her work shines through as she speaks from her heart to yours.Thank you Margaret, for your time, generosity and commitment to the success of Angel Noel.”
Jodie Cole 
Manager, Angels Speaking
/Chairperson of Angel Noel

Margaret’s Workshops:

“Leadership – Creating Something Out of Nothing” Workshop: Singapore July 4, 2011 to the CEO’s of the World Netball Championship on behalf of the World Academy of Sport.

“Thanks for all (your work) and really GREAT feedback received. Michael Cary Director, Brand & IF Relations World Academy of Sport, Stanlo House, 52 Granby Row, Manchester M1 7AY, UK

MIRACLES – Workshop Melbourne   “Was so happy with the workshop on Saturday. Noticing small changes already. Haven’t de-cluttered anything yet but planning to give it a major burst on the weekend. Definitely feel more at peace with myself and my eyesight has improved slightly”

Workshop   Melbourne Vic.  “Thank you again for another amazing day – you gave such insight to everyone who attended.”K and S Shaker

Workshop – Rochester  Vic.  “As for the Workshop August … WOW again. I’ve had very positive, exciting feedback (from attendees) AND I bless you with all my heart. My T6 is happy. Also after that release with you on my lower back I was able to do all the camping things, including tent up and tent down and unloading when we got home and no backache!!! Wednesday and STILL no backache. At gym this morning, I moved so easily and felt fantastic afterwards. Great energy”.
Carol West 

Workshop, Rochester Vic  “Over the years Margaret has helped me so very much, and this last gathering has certainly been no exception. My husband died just on 2 years ago with cancer. We had only been married just 10 years and I was devastated as he was the love of my life. The shock and grieving set in. I wasn’t able to see where to go or what to do and life became dull and boring.

THEN suddenly one day I received an invitation to a group session of balancing and unblocking “blackages” (a group session with Margaret) and I couldn’t get the pen and paper soon enough to reply “Yes!”

When the session was ended I was still left wondering, so I told Margaret how I felt and with a few words and great understanding from her I began to ‘see’. On the way home in the car the FOG in my mind was gradually lifting and I was starting to make plans and decisions about my future.

One week afterwards — I have my house on the market–I have chosen a house and town where I wish to be – taken what action I need to, to get my future happening. I am looking forward now not backwards.
Sandra J. Rogers 


Radio Interviews: ” Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

See “Radio” for details of all interviews and to click through to listen to ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

Its lovely to be able to help other people to achieve their goals in life, whether that’s through being an elite sport champion (Bryce Lee, Melina Ramirez, Scott Stuart) through setting up an extraordinary business such as supplying temporary homes to disaster areas(Rotary boxes) and being the sole survivor of a plane crash (George Burke). these are just some of the people interviewed and you can hear their stories by clicking on the radio button.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be interviewed.


“Just wanted to say a Huge THANKYOU for inviting me on as a guest interviewee on your Mangotiger program. It was heaps of fun once I was over the first lot of butterflies. You are a great interviewer!”
Pauline Walker of ‘Feelings to Footprints’  


“THANK YOU so very much for offering me an interview, for giving me such respect on air and for making it super easy. Thank you!!”


“Having interviewed Margaret as a guest on my podcast, Journey Of The Successful Adviser, it was quite obvious she is not only a person of value and integrity, she is also extremely knowledgeable in a number of areas including authoring, empowering others to personal excellence and leadership development. It was a pleasure to learn more about Margaret Cutler’s exciting journey and understand how she has built a reputation for her expertise.” James McCracken Executive Business Advisor