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Your mind

Although your conscious mind has the power of reason and can therefore decide the best action to take, it is the subconscious mind that determines the quality of your life, your health, your finances and your relationships.

It is called the subconscious mind for one very good reason – its thoughts, beliefs and emotions remain hidden from us until they manifest in some unexpected way.

However, did you know you are neurologically wired for success? By using the awesome power of your subconscious mind to discover and fulfill your potential, you’ll not only experience unprecedented personal growth, but you’ll also improve the world around you

Analogy of the bridge

Someone once described the subconscious this way: there is a bridge. You are on this side and on the other side are all your dreams, and hopes and aspirations – you just have to cross the bridge to access them.

Unfortunately there is a gate on the bridge and no matter how much you try you can’t get the gate to open – it is too tall for you to climb over and too wide to allow you to pass and you can’t break through it, either. You know you want the things you can see and feel on the other side if only you could get rid of that gate.

This is where Margaret’s unique ability comes in – she is able to identify and remove that gate i.e. the blocks in your subconscious mind so that you can cross that bridge to the life you really want.

Every person has a story –every struggle in that story is a gate that can be removed.

Your subconscious mind is a second, hidden mind that exists within you. It interprets and then acts upon the predominating thoughts that reside within your conscious mind. The mandate of the subconscious is to attract circumstances and situations that match the images you have within.

Analogy of the seed and plant .

Your subconscious mind is like deep fertile soil that accepts any seed you plant within it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs when they are accompanied by emotion are the seeds that are being constantly sown within, and they produce in your life what is sown. Just as surely as tomato seeds produce tomatoes and and acorns produce oak trees your thoughts  affect  your life. You will reap what you sow. This is a law.

The subconscious  always says ‘yes”  it will not discriminate nor judge like your conscious mind does. Your subconscious mind  will manifest success, abundance and health just as easily as failure, ill health and misfortune. It works to reproduce in our life according to the seeds we have planted within. Your subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition whether these thoughts are positive or negative. .

Once you know that your subconscious will bring to you whatever you need, want or desire you can get it working for you instead of against you.  If you project the thoughts and images of what you want and accompany them with emotion and action, seemingly chance and fortuitous events will begin happening to you. This powerful inner collaborator, working with your conscious mind, will bring to you the people and circumstances you need  to achieve your goals.  this may appear to be coincidence or luck, but it is neither. It is simply the operation of natural laws which you have set in motion with your thoughts.

Modern physics now sees the universe as a vast, inseparable web of dynamic activity. Not only is the universe alive and constantly changing, but everything in the universe affects everything else. Scientists are now confirming what mystics and seers have been telling us for thousands of years—we are not separate from, but part of one giant whole.

We now know that everything in the universe is made up of energy. The chair that you’re sitting on is comprised of energy. The walls of the room that you are now in, your computer, the events that happen to you are all made up of vibrations of energy. And our thoughts, too, are vibrations of energy. Our thoughts are of the exact same substance as the building blocks of the universe. Once we become aware of this remarkable fact, we can use it to our great advantage.

We are fortunate that the laws of physical reality and of the mind are now beginning to be understood. In years past, it might have seemed unbelievable that we could create our reality through our thinking, yet now, with these new insights, we not only know how to do it, but also understand why it works.

Our thoughts are energy, so it makes sense that our repeated thoughts, emotions,  images, affirmations, visualizations, deeply held beliefs, fears and desires, vibrating within the larger web of reality, would have an affect upon that reality.

You are what you think!

How Margaret became interested in the subconscious mind: 

‘When I was 9, I read a cartoon where an 80-year-old man went to a doctor with a sore knee. After examining his knee the doctor said the pain was caused by his age. The man then said: “Well Doc, my other knee is 80, too and it doesn’t hurt a bit”

If it was because he was 80 why did his knee hurt and not his whole body, why was it the right knee and not the left?’

This also led me to look at people’s illnesses, relationship and businesses and to ask why do some succeed and others fail no matter how much effort a person puts in.

Since every child wants to learn  why are there so many problems with learning? I found that if there are learning difficulties it is because of an emotional block or belief or emotion that is getting in the way.

Release this block and the capacity to learn increases.

Through Margaret’s unique and incredible ability she is able to identify these thoughts, emotions and beliefs held in your subconscious mind so  you are able to release them – this means you are then open to more possibilities and able to take up opportunities that beforehand you were not able to access.  It means your health; money, relationships and life in general will be better.

Through Skype you have access to Margaret’s gift and unique talent no matter where you live in the world. Contact her by writing to info@mangotiger.com.au.